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Supreme Court Declares No Sales Efforts Allowed


On January 22, the Supreme Court clarified an important issue of patent law that had been left open since the enactment of the America Invents Act several years ago. 

The patent laws bar a person from receiving a patent on an invention that was “on sale” before the effective filing date of the patent application claiming that invention. The Supreme Court had previously announced that the “on sale bar” came into effect when the invention was “the subject of a commercial offer for sale” and was “ready for patenting”—that is, it must be sufficiently developed that a patent application could be filed, and there must be a commercial offer for sale. If these conditions are met, the offer can bar a subsequent patent application. The appeals court confirmed that this is true even when the offer for sale was confidential. 

The AIA, however, changed slightly the “on sale” language in the patent statute, opening the door to arguments that “secret sales” would no longer bar patent applications. 

In the Helsinn case, these new arguments were raised, but not answered by the appeals court. With many amici filed, the Supreme Court took up the question and answered it unanimously:  so-called “secret sales” are prior art that may bar patenting. While potentially narrowing the scope of what can be patented, this decision provides clarity and certainty that inventors and the patent bar have been calling for.

The result is that all inventors should get at least a provisional patent or a design patent before proceeding to check out sales possibilities, even if the sales effort is secret. Confidential agreements are not enough.

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Support from Marketing Contacts is real plus in generating support for your business. Those interviews can help you get support from manufacturers, or can be a key selling point when you work on licensing and private label deals. But a short interview report, that the person likes the product or that the product will sell is not as effective as a more extensive interview.

To learn more about how to connect with marketing contacts read the posts

You should try to get as much market intelligence information as you can in an interview besides whether they like the product.

What do they see are the
main competitors to your product?Are people happy with those
competitors?Are there any concerns the market
has about those competitors?Have there been any recent
product introductions in this market area?Were those introductions
successful?If there were failures, what
caused them.What do they feel are your
products strong points?What do they feel are your products
weak points?Do they feel your product
will succeed in the market?

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High-Tech Kitchen: Transform Your Kitchen with These 4 Technology Trends

By Lisa Jones

Applying the latest trends and styles
in kitchen design is necessary to upgrade the place and make it more
functional. You need to take advantage of the latest technology to help you do
your kitchen tasks more conveniently and efficiently.

When it comes to using accessories and
gadgets in your kitchen, always think of the quality and utility it will bring.
It’s also wise on your part that high-quality items don’t have to be expensive.
Go for a high-quality product that fits your budget. As such, here’s a glimpse
of a few technology trends that you can use for your kitchen remodel.

Antibacterial Surfaces

Functionality and efficiency for your
kitchen countertop are necessary. As such, it would also be ideal if you get
countertops that have antibacterial surfaces to prevent the spreading of

EOS countertop is a perfect example of
an antibacterial surface. It contains cupron that can kill the bacteria and
fungi that cause odor. Cupron contains copper-based antimicrobial technology
that is responsible to help kill the bacteria on the surface.

Another anti-bacterial surface is the
Silestone quartz countertops that contain silver ions which serve as the
antibacterial compound that helps fight bacteria buildup. It’s nonporous
material also helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Thus, it’s an
excellent choice if you get one from Gia
Renovation for your kitchen.

in Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop is one of the best
products you should buy for your kitchen. Investing in this highly functional
cooktop will help you cook faster while giving you a more modern kitchen design
that can add elegance to the place.

An induction cooktop uses powerful
electromagnets that interact with iron or steel pans that will help you heat
your cookware and cook your food faster. This quality product can offer you the
speed that you need to get your cooking done with efficiency and less hassle.

Aside from the speed, other benefits
you can get from using an induction cooktop is energy efficiency. This feature
helps you eliminate gas usage and reduce energy consumption. Conduction is also
safer because it’s flameless and avoids using gas for heating.

a Plug-In Area for Your Devices

A plug-in area on your kitchen is essential
when you have to look on your tablets or smartphones for recipes. Having a
well-built plug-in area for your phones and gadgets is a must when you want a
more modern kitchen. Not only will a proper plug-in area provide safety for
you, but it will also provide safety for your devices.

Hands-Free Faucets

The hands-free faucet is an essential
installation for your kitchen when you want a high-tech kitchen. This unique
and cutting-edge faucet can offer you with the four key components which are
the sensor, solenoid-controlled valve, spout, and the power source.

The faucet sensor controls the
diaphragm valve that operates using a solenoid. So when you put your hands few
inches nearer on the lip of the spout, then the sensor will detect your skin
through the infrared light that bounces to it, and then sends a signal using
its ultrasonic field sensor which allows to turn on the valve.

Installing this touchless faucet will give you benefits
as well. This hands-free faucet helps you conserve water since it can turn off
automatically which is essential to help prevent excess water from wasting.
This tool also helps you to avoid the spreading of germs since you don’t need
to touch your faucet while your hands are messy.


It’s essential to upgrade your kitchen area to make it modern. You should use high-tech kitchen tools to make the place more functional to help satisfy your needs. Indeed, these highly useful kitchen technologies are necessary to help add more convenience and quality to this important room in your home.

About the Author

About the author

Lisa Jones is a freelance blogger and environmental advocate. She writes blog articles such as benefits of using solar energy and the many ways to power your home with a renewable source of energy. Lisa browses GStore to look for high-quality solar panels.

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