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Best Provisional Patents

Best Provisional Patents clearly outline what your invention is, provide drawings and covers as much ground as possible, even listing disclosures and specifications that will lead to multiple patents later on.

The Internet seems to be full of provisional patents for $149.00 or some other very low price.  These prices work because no one looks at a provisional patent until they evaluate a utility patent application that looks at a provisional patent for priority.  So if your provisional patent is not done correctly you won’t get a priority date.  Which means if someone else files for a patent on a product with similar claims to yours, they may be first to file and you won’t be the first inventor to file and probably will lose ability to patent your idea.

Your provisional patent needs to have a detailed description and in most cases drawings to clearly show your invention so the patent examiner will feel you have possession of your invention.  If you fail to show you have possession of your patent your provisional will be worthless.  This detailed description should be written very similar to a standard non-provisional application.

Getting a provisional patent application number is of no assistance unless your patent is done right. That is why you are better off using a patent attorney or a patent agent on a provisional patent.   No matter how much information you supply the patent agent or attorney, they will need to rewrite the Detail Description and the Summary of the Invention for the provisional patent, and probably have patent drawings completed.  Be sure to ask for a copy to review before the provisional patent is sent off.

Drawings in a Provisional Patent Application

Your disclosure in a provisional patent need to explain the invention.  Drawings don’t have to be to the same standard as a non-provisional patent, but they should include numbers for each component that goes with detailed description. I also like to include a Summary section on how the invention works.

Open-Ended Language

You need to be sure you don’t limit your potential patents deriving from a provisional patents by using any closed ended language.  Phrases like “consisting of these features” are limiting in that only that combination of features can be patented.  Since often you are getting a provisional patent first in order to do some market testing leave your options open.  Instead of consisting use phrases like comprising components similar to, or “comprising in one embodiment of “are much better.

List Many Embodiments

An advantage of the provisional patent is that you can end up with multiple patents using the same provisional patent patent examiner to apply for multiple patents when you file for a utility patent, but your provisional patent can, and should, give you the most flexibility for what final patent you want to apply for.

Get all these steps right and you will have all the best features of a provisional patent, with strong priority you can use in case of any dispute on priority for your invention.

as a priority date.  List as many embodiments as you can think of, all with open-ended language in your patent.  You will have to be more specific in your final patent, but listing as many possibilities as you can is permissible in a provisional patent.

Method of Use Description

Patents can be either product based or method based.  For a provisional patent it is a good idea to include a method of use description that would qualify for a method of use patent. Again you  might eventually be required by an miner to do a separate patent for a method of use, but that won’t matter for a priority date, the provisional patent can cover multiple patents.

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They say THE PICTURE IS WORTH OF THOUSAND WORDS, we create a picture worth THOUSAND words.

Any and every business wants to market themselves and increase the ROI. Visual marketing tools are one of the best to impress the end clients. Some of the tools are listed below:

Flyer Design

Mass mailing is the most common marketing tool which requires unique email template so effective flyer design can help you attract more traffic and so increase in sales. Our successful email flyer designs can be viewed at our portfolio 

It’s always easy to understand a pictorial presentation rather texts. Infographics are used to communicate with any group of people irrespective of common language too. Infographics are most common medium of presentation for Corporates, Educational institutes, Health professionals, Insurance companies, Tour organizers etc.

Logo Design

A logo gives an identity to a business and helps customers to instantly recognize the specific brand. We understand that a logo is the IMAGE of any business and our custom logo design services are aimed towards making a remarkable impression. Our highly experienced and creative logo designers craft stunning logos that perfectly reflect the objective and spirit of a business.


It’s always easy to understand a pictorial presentation rather texts. Infographics are used to communicate with any group of people irrespective of common language too. Infographics are most common medium of presentation for Corporates, Educational institutes, Health professionals, Insurance companies, Tour organizers etc.

Vector Art

Vector graphics are inevitable need for printing firms and product manufacturers. We can convert raster to vector, characters to vector, image to vector, JPEG to vector etc. Promotional event organizers need vector graphics for huge hoardings and Canopies.

Website banners

Innovative and professional banner design can leave lasting impression on visitors. Clients can create content but to craft it in a creative manner is our job. It can be a single image or multiple images, we know how to blend it on web canvas.

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Hot and Cool Invention: The Various Types of HVAC Systems That You Need to Know

By Lisa Jones


An HVAC system is an incredible invention that performs heating and cooling for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. It can also do excellent work in reducing or eliminating airborne contaminants such as chemicals from cleaning products, VOCs from interior furniture, and odors emitted by humans and animals.

In other words, aside from the heating and cooling that they provide to make us comfortable, they also give off the fresh air that you need for your domestic existence. Nowadays, HVAC systems are even becoming more technologically advanced.

For you to know more about this wonderful invention, here are the different HVAC systems that are available today.

Cooling Only Split System

One of the most inexpensive types of HVAC systems today is the cooling only split system air conditioners. It combines the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor condensing unit to provide better indoor air in your home.

The indoor air handling unit houses the supply air fan, an expansion device, and a heat exchanger that turns air into a refrigerant.  On the other hand, the outdoor condensing unit contains a condenser coil and a compressor. Experts say that this system is one of the most energy-efficient among the HVAC systems.

Cooling Only Packaged System

Unlike the split system, the packaged system has all the components mentioned above put into a single unit. People usually place the cooling only package system outside the home, and the interior air from the building is ducted to the system and processed through an air distribution system.

This system has a seasonal energy-efficiency rating from 10 to 18. You can also install an alternate heating component in the form of gas or electric heating if your home requires heating.

Chilled Water System

The chilled water system contains chilled water coils and a cooling plant. In this system, mechanism pumps the water in the unit throughout the housing unit to the coils. Then, there comes the work of the cooling plant to transform the water temperature to cold.

There’s also a vapor compressor in the cooling plant to cool the water to be distributed to the air-to-water heat exchangers if you need them.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have some similarities to cooling only systems except that these heat pumps contain a particular valve that enables the cycle of refrigeration to operate in reverse.

While cooling only systems provide a cold air indoors and throw the heat to the outdoors, heat pumps can cool the air indoors but can also heat it when you reverse the valve.

You can also use a supplementary electric resistance for the heat pump to function better at lower outdoor temperature. When you’re living in colder climates, you need a defrost period for your heat pumps. During this time, the electric heater is the component that enables heating for the building.

Packaged Terminal Heat Pump

People usually install packaged terminal heat pumps in an opening through an outdoor wall of a hotel, classroom, apartment, and other buildings. Aside from this opening, this system only requires an electrical connection to provide heating and cooling needs for your home.

PTHPs utilize the outdoor air as the source of heat during winter and as a heat sink during summer months. The advantage of this system is its affordable installation cost and flexibility. Many HVAC experts consider this system to be among the Classic Air Conditioning and Heating.

Window Air Conditioners


Window air conditioner, as its name implies, is installed in a window or a wall opening. This system can only provide cold air to small areas of a building and cannot function well in a large room. Modern units of this also come with a damper that can give off a fresh outdoor air if needed.


An HVAC system is a beautiful home appliance that can provide thermal comfort and better indoor quality to our homes. Therefore, it’s essential that we know about the different types of HVAC systems for us to choose the best system that will our needs.

About the author

Lisa Jones is a freelance blogger and environmental advocate. She writes blog articles such as benefits of using solar energy and the many ways to power your home with a renewable source of energy. Lisa browses GStore to look for high-quality solar panels.


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