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New Inventor Reality Show

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evine Live Inc. (“Evine”) (NASDAQ:EVLV), a multiplatform interactive digital commerce company (, today announced the premiere of “Inventor Showdown, a new inventor reality show featuring top inventors from across the country who will compete for the prize of “top inventor.” Competing head-to-head in a bracket-style show format, inventors discovered by Akos “The Solutionist” Jankura, a world-acclaimed inventor known for his problem-solution products, will vie for viewers’ votes during a five-week series starting Sunday, March 4.

“’Inventor Showdown’ is a reality show like no other where we put the fate of these inventors in the hands of our customers,” said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer at Evine. “We know our viewers are looking for new and unique products that have a compelling story behind them. ‘Inventor Showdown’ is the perfect format for our customers to discover new product while using their voting power to help a budding inventor get their big break.”

Throughout the five-week series on Evine, “Inventor Showdown” will feature four new contestants per episode with one winner from each moving on to participate in the finale show. The inventors, who were hand-picked by Akos Jankura, will have the opportunity to showcase their products and share with viewers their personal stories behind the items. Fans can vote for their favorite by purchasing their products while the show is airing, online or on their mobile devices. The four qualifying rounds will air Sunday mornings starting March 4 at 8:00am ET with the finale on Sunday, April 8, where one winner will be crowned. The winner of “Inventor Showdown” will be invited back to Evine and receive future programming to sell their items.

“I have had the privilege to work with some amazing inventors throughout my career, but I am particularly thrilled with the lineup of individuals we have assembled for this series,” said Akos Jankura. “They each bring something unique and innovative to Evine, and I am excited to see them compete live on a television stage. ‘Inventor Showdown’ will showcase hard-to-find items with problem-solving and easy-to-use features. I can’t wait to see who emerges as the victor!”

Viewers are invited to watch the premiere of “Inventor Showdown” on Sunday, March 4 at 8:00am ET via cable and satellite, mobile apps and live streaming online at Evine airs on DIRECTV channels 73 and 316, DISH Network channel 134, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, select Samsung Smart TVs, YouTube and on the nation’s top cable providers. Find Evine in your area:

For more information on “Inventor Showdown” and the inventors, visit For more information on Evine, visit

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Shark Tank Statistics

Shark Tank  Statistics are not positive for inventors.  According to AGN Media about “240,000 people apply to be on Shark Tank annually.  There are 23 shows with about four products per show. Do the math – it’s a .0004 percent chance of being chosen.”

Statistics were included in an interesting article about Scott Houdashell and his partner Curtis McGill and their invention the Eggmazing, which is a kit for coloring Easter eggs, and is the number 3 selling product on Amazon.

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The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

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In October 2012 Taya Geiger was fed up after 12 years as a financial consultant at just the time her neighbor, Leah Tutin, came up with an idea for an baking kit. Putting their heads together they launched their product and today Scratch and Grain Baking Company has its products in over 5,000 stores, and sales are growing 500% per year.


T2 Design clients Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon invented the “Drop Stop”, a patented device that prevents cellphones, make-up, keys and food from falling into the gap between the car seats and the console.

These two inventors worked with T2 Design to launch their new product. With modest but respectable sales, this smart tenacious team presented their product on the ABC hit TV series “Shark Tank” and Lori Greiner, known as “the Warm Hearted Shark,” made a deal to invest in their company and take “Drop Stop” to the masses. The two inventors now regularly appear on QVC TV selling thousands of “Drop Stop” car accessories each time they appear and Greiner made it possible for their product to be sold on the shelves in over a thousand Wal-Mart stores across the country.

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Why plaintiffs in US patent cases who understand the odds of victory are almost always best off settling

This is an interesting blog from a patent attorney who has handled patent litigation.  Recommended reading for any one investing in a patent.

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Gadgets and Gizmos: The Newest Technology this 2018 to Look Forward to

The realm of technology is always developing and progressing, and with each new year comes all variety of breakthroughs and innovations from some of the leading companies in the world. For sure, 2018 is no different.

More and more information and new inventions are beginning to come out about some of the coolest and newest gadgets dropping this 2018. Some companies even started to release some of the features to expect for these new technologies and people cannot contain their excitement about it.

Are you starting to get excited? Well, without further ado, listed below are the newest gadgets and gizmos this 2018.

A Small GPS Tracker: Nutale

Probably the lightest and smallest live Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker, meet Nutale. Yes, it may be small in size, but it is very powerful. This GPS tracker is very user-friendly and has simple configurations.

Very simple that it helps you track the real-time position or location of anything that moves, even your children. Announced as one of the most space-saving and precise trackers in the whole world, Nutale GPS will most likely be available in the first three months of 2018.

Nutale GPS is suitable for both iOS and Android, and it works well with your smartphone to provide you with the accurate tracking updates. Also, one of the best thing about this device is that its battery can last up to 30 days, so it is very unusual to lose this tracker anytime soon.

Philips’ Smartsleep Headband

We all know that sleep is very important. However, we cannot neglect the fact that some people cannot drift off to sleep easily. Fortunately, Philips (a Dutch technology company) created a device that plays acoustical noise to help you drift off to sleep.

Even though this headband may seem like a shapeless diaper, but its design fastens deep-seated sensors to the forehead to see the brain’s activities. It connects with a mobile application that gets all the data.

If it detects a deep sleep, Philips’ smart sleep headband will begin playing an acoustical noise at a slow pace and in a repeating pattern. With that, Philips’ affirms that it will boost a good night’s sleep.

Philips’ Smartsleep headband will be available this coming Spring 2018. With the help of this device, you will feel more refreshed and rested, increase your energy, and lessen daytime sleepiness.

Sleek and Stylish: Intel’s Vaunt Glasses


For sure, you have probably heard about smart glasses before. And yes, it is far from a brand-new invention. However, thanks to Intel’s brand-new Vaunt glasses because they present a smooth and sleek design that is extremely user-friendly.

Though the design itself seems like normal eyeglasses and are obtainable in numerous prescription lenses, it utilizes retinal projection to set a display in your eyes. For now, it does not feature glowing LCD screen, no microphone, no speaker, or any other special things.

However, when you are wearing these eyeglasses, you will witness a flow of information projected onto your retina. You can enjoy wearing this kind of eyeglasses without drawing undesired stares or having to wear distressing equipment.

Three Dimensional Printing

Three-dimensional printers are refining the way manufacturing industries produce their products. But that’s not all. They can’t be only the ones who are enjoying this innovative device, right?

Fortunately, there are a lot of compact and handy 3D printers that are very easy to use. Since technology is changing every new year, 3D printing will be much easier and accessible. Thus, you can now bring this type of device into your home and enjoy using it.

No More Sunburns: L’Oréal UV Sense

L’Oréal is one of the leading cosmetics companies in the entire world. Now, it does not only produce products for beauty purposes. Just recently, L’Oréal launched a wearable ultraviolet (UV) sensor that can be easily attached to your fingernail.

For a bit of information, this UV sensor is merely just a sensor. It does not have to connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your phone. Alternatively, L’Oréal UV Sense is NFC (near-field communication)   enabled so you can just easily examine it with your smartphone to save the collected UV data.

This device is 9mm wide and 2mm thick. Amazing, right? With the help of this UV sensor, you will know how much time you should spend outside or in the sun without acquiring much UV.


New year, new you, and innovations. Along with the new year, comes many technology trends and inventions to expect and anticipate. Technologies like GPS tracker, Smartsleep headband, Vaunt eyeglasses, 3D printing, UV sensor, and many more.

These gadgets and gizmos will surely help you bring the best out of you and allow you to work efficiently and effectively. Getting excited? Ready your pockets and be ready to browse any online store like Deal Wiki to get the best deals for these new technologies.

Author Bio      

Lisa Jones is a technology and fashion blogger. She likes to write about these things because she can highly relate to them as a millennial. When not working, either Lisa hangs out with her best friends or take the dogs for a walk.


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Inventor Finds Success with Web App
Theresa Piasta is an Army veteran who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) who loves her service dog Waffles, a Cavapoo, who calms her during panic attacks and has had  a positive impact on her life. Piasta takes Waffles out with her when going around and she loves to dress Waffles up in outfits that go with hers.  Piasta found that finding outfits that went along with hers for Waffles was a lot more difficult that she thought.  Piasta’s entrepreneur spirit hit and she thought that a product line with lots of options for dog attire was just the ticket.  “But at my Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite program they told me I needed to get out and find out what other women really wanted before launching my product”
 And so she did.  She started talking to women while walking around her neighborhood in San Francisco and found that many women were just as passionate about their dogs as she was. Not only that they loved their dogs but that the canine therapy from their dogs provided very real benefits. To find more women who can tell their own stories about canine therapy, she branched out to Instagram sites like #furbaby to posts written by women.  “I then wrote to each women individually asking for three sentences about the how their dogs had change their lives.  Piasta was floored by the response. “I received over 300 stories back, not just two or three sentences , but with long deeply personal  entire stories.”  The stories match Piata’s love of Waffles. “ She comforted when I needed it most and she never failed to put a smile on my face.”
 Piata created the web site Puppy Mama which started as platform for women to share their stories on social media and the platform grew to have over 10,000 followers on several social media sites, led by Instagram.  But Piata, based on input from all the posts started to get an idea of how the site could become more than just social meeting sites for sharing, and become a portal where women could find “dog friendly” businesses for women travelling with their dogs would be able to find places where they were always welcome. Piata’s concept was that the site could generate revenue from ads from pet friendly business. The mobile app would initially pick up the longitude and latitude of users and send ads and location of nearby “dog friendly” businesses. The dog friendly business could be furnished by the many worldwide contributors to the Puppy Mama site. Besides a listing of businesses Puppy Mama would also have a meetups feature that would allow users to meet other passionate women with dogs while traveling.
 And this is the point where Piata crossed over to inventorship.  I know this sounds odd to people who see inventors as a new tool or piece of equipment.  But times have changed.  To receive a patent an idea needs to be useful, concrete and produce a tangible result and involve equipment, which in the case of apps is either a computer or a cell phone.  Certainly Piata met this standard.  Piata wasn’t home yet as she still needed to develop the site web and mobile apps, and create her apps own social media features and create the software, and the interface with social media sites that would make the application work.  But she was on the way to becoming an inventor. 
 Piata had already covered the first steps of inventing, finding a customer need that is large enough to cover the cost of developing the invention and researching the market to clearly identify what customers want.  But the second step for Piata was in effect prototyping a web or mobile app. Typically this done in steps, first with pen and pencil outlining what needs to be on each page, and where each page should take you, then a digital mockup, and finally using an app prototyping tool like  Bootstrap or Foundation  With a prototype inventors are able to do what programmers call iteration, building something, playing with it, and refining it.  The prototype process could also include things like social share buttons and follow buttons.  Like all prototypes, inventors need to really think through the product they want, or else they will spend lots of extra money getting the prototype they want.
 Piata talks about networking to find her software developer.  “I didn’t really know who to hire. I talk to some of my contacts who knew something about programing and one of them recommended a programming company in Uruguay. that company has been great, and work with me every step of the way. I’ve been able to get much closer to my vision because their costs were lower.”
 Inventors need to visualize the product they’ve invented to guide them through the process of going from prototyping to final product. This process can be much more difficult with an app. Piata wanted a web app and phone app with much of the same features as social media sites like Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a very targeted market, women who like to go places with their dogs.   She wanted a community where members could share information, set up meetings with other members, but still access a database of “dog friendly business”.  Facebook allows you to set up a database of interested parties on Facebook, or they do it for you with a friend list, but you can’t set up a data base of business on Facebook and so intertwining the social media sites with a web or phone app became important.
 So the challenge for the site was high, and as in most application, roll-out occurs in stages.  Today a phone app picks up longitude and latitude and gives users ads and a list of ‘dog friendly businesses” in the area. But in the future she plans on adding a feature where you can put in a zip code or a address that someone will be travelling to get a list of business. Roll-outs require careful planning if you are pursuing a patent, because you may not have future plans developed to the point where you can get a patent, but you still want to try and tie the rollout improvements into your initial patent filing date. Piata didn’t apply for a patent, as she wanted to use the resources she had to dominate the market niche. I recommend that people developing a web or mobile app visit a patent attorney or agent early on to plot out a strategy.  Many patent professionals will give you a free initial consultation so you have an idea of what steps you can take to protect your idea. 
 Piata has her web and phone apps up and running and with over 10,000  followers and a very targeted audience she is on the cusp of receiving advertising revenue that will help generate more the revenue she needs to keep developing her brand so she has market awareness.  Her following should grow as the share buttons she has on her site, more or less mimicking social sites should generate a buzz with women who love their dogs.

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