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Ace Hardware Teams up with Product Launch Platform The Grommet to Make ‘Ace the Place’ for Innovation

Business WireNov 29, 2016, 6:30 AM


Ace Hardware Corporation and The Grommet are pleased to announce a joint collaboration to bring the innovations of local Makers into Ace Hardware retail stores.

Ace will debut its collaboration with The Grommet, the leading product launch platform for innovative consumer products, in select Ace stores this holiday season and extending through 2017. The new relationship will leverage the strength and passion of locally-owned Ace stores with the ingenuity of undiscovered inventors, known as “Makers.”

For the launch, 20 unique products from The Grommet, sourced from 15 local Makers, will debut in over 160 Ace stores; assortments will be updated each season. Products are unexpected, newly discovered and fit within at least one of 10 core values that are central to The Grommet’s discovery process, including: Made in the USA; Sustainable Living; Made for a Lifetime; Tech & Innovation; Handcrafted; Independent Maker; Social Enterprises; Philanthropy; Underrepresented Entrepreneurs; and Crowd-funded.

Examples of these uniquely helpful products that will be featured in the launch include:

A digital tape measure made by eTape16;
A keyring USB and mobile phone charger made by Nomad;
A collapsible water bottle made by Hydaway;
A bracelet that discreetly and fashionably hides a hair tie, made by bittersweet;
An eyeglass cleaner that uses NASA technology called Peeps. This product is the first Grommet to have channel exclusivity at Ace for six months, meaning big box retail stores won’t have access to sell this item.*

“Since 2008, our mission at The Grommet has been to launch innovative consumer products and help the small businesses behind them to succeed,” said Jules Pieri, Co-founder & CEO of The Grommet. “Given Ace Hardware’s dedication to local and small businesses—and that they are independent store owners themselves—we are very excited to partner with them to help make Ace Hardware’s stores a ‘destination for innovation.’ By bringing dozens of Grommets to stores across the country, we are helping these entrepreneurs to reach a massive new audience.”

“For 92 years, Ace has stood for local small business; for the underdog who dukes it out against the Goliaths of corporate America,” said John Venhuizen, President and CEO, Ace Hardware Corporation. “So the partnership with The Grommet not only aligns with the passions of our local owners, but fuels our desire to further Ace as the place for the dreamers, inventors, innovators and Makers. We are proud to stand with The Grommet and their platform for local makers.”

The Grommet has discovered and brought to market dozens of now household brand names, including FitBit, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and SodaStream. To date, they have launched more than 2,200 innovative consumer products and amassed a community of nearly three million early adopters and supporters. Followers eagerly await product launches that happen each weekday on The Grommet’s e-commerce site. For the collaboration, Ace will tap into The Grommet’s wholesale operation, housing more than 10,000 unique finds from independent Makers.

In addition to delighting customers with unique products from The Grommet, Ace wants Makers to know that it could serve as a vehicle to bring their product concepts to retail shelves. “We want the Makers of the world – the dreamers, inventors and entrepreneurs – to know that Ace is your place, too,’ said Venhuizen. “As the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative, we have the supply chain infrastructure and the buying power to bring the right products to life across nearly 5,000 stores. Send information about your most innovative products to us at Ace, and we’ll be ready to review your creations to see if we can champion your product to bring to consumers through Ace stores.”

Makers can submit information on their products to Ace Hardware by sending an email to:** Makers can submit products to The Grommet at

For a complete list of Ace stores that will feature an in-store display featuring products from The Grommet, visit

*Exclusive to Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

**By emailing Ace Hardware Corporation (“Ace”) with your proposed product or concept, you acknowledge and agree that: (1) your submission is not confidential and Ace has no duty to you to keep the information you provide confidential; (2) Ace may develop or may have already developed a product or concept that may be the same or similar to the proposed product or content provided by you, and Ace may continue to develop its own ideas independent of your submission without acknowledgment, payment or notice to you; (3) any submission you provide to Ace is owned by you, or you have all rights from any third parties to provide your submission to Ace; (4) your submission does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of any person or entity; (5) your submission does not conflict with or violate any other agreements, restrictions or commitments you have; (6) you are solely responsible for your submission; (7) you will hold Ace harmless and release Ace from any liability that may result from your submission; (8) Ace may reject your submission for any reason or no reason; (9) Ace has no obligation to you whatsoever as a result of your submission; and (10) Ace will not return your submission to you.

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How to Introduce Your Invention at a Trade Show


After countless months of research and development, are you finally ready to show your invention to the world? Why not schedule its grand debut for an upcoming trade show? Trade shows bring together thousands of wholesale distributors, retail buyers, and potential customers who may be interested in learning more about your invention and eventually doing business. But, to achieve the outcome you desire, you have to nail your first impression. Here are tips for introducing your invention at a trade show:


Train your team.

Everyone who is working your trade show booth with you should be adequately trained on your invention’s features, benefits, and price. There should be enough people working your booth to attend to every guest who walks by and asks a question or lingers around to look at your product. Team members should immediately engage with guests who stop by and introduce them to the invention before they brush you off and walk away. You may not have anyone else working for you—especially if this is your first invention—so just grab a few friends and ask if they can help you for the afternoon.


Host a live demo.

If your invention is unlike anything on the market, it’s best to do a product demo once for guests who stop by your booth. This is also important if your product is similar to something else on the market, but has key advantages over the competitors. Letting guests look at the product without explaining what it does or how it is different from competitors is not an effective way to get picked up by retailers or drum up interest in your brand.



If you’re worried your booth will go unnoticed next to big name brands at the trade show, spend time reaching out to the media and industry influencers prior to the event. Send along your personal contact information as well as a press kit and invite them to stop by your booth for a personal demonstration of the product. The press kit should include product shots, a press release announcing the launch of your invention, and advertising brochures. Hopefully, this will pique the influencers’ and media members’ interest prior to the event so they pencil a stop by your booth into their busy schedule.


Provide background information.

Because trade show attendees will be completely unfamiliar with your brand and new invention, try to get them to connect with you by providing them with background information. How did you come up with the idea for the invention? What unique problem does it solve? How is it made? Answer these questions for your audience by setting up iPads with informational videos in your booth or handing out pamphlets. The more guests learn about your brand, the more engaged they will be.


Finally introducing your invention to the world can be nerve wracking, especially if you choose to do it at a trade show surrounded by your peers and potential customers. But, keep these tips handy and your first trade show will go off without a hitch.


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The Basics Of Bootstrapping For Start Up Business Owners

Starting a business is not easy, that’s why most startup business owners would want to have angel investors or venture capital, but it doesn’t mean one can’t succeed with personally funding the business himself/herself. Apple, Dell, GoPro are only a few of the multi-billion dollar companies who started with bootstrap.

So if they made millions out of a few hundred dollars, why can’t you? Here are a few strategies you can use to kick start your business out of bootstrap.

Personal Savings

A bootstrapper usually starts with their personal savings. If you think you have enough savings to kickstart your business then why not? If you don’t have pre-planned events that may need much of your savings in the near future why don’t you start your first step?

If you are going to start with your savings, unless you have a fortune giving job, don’t risk it all away. Start with something small, little by little, step by step. No one started out to be so grand- that is the challenge that all startups face, not only those who bootstraps but also those who had venture capitals or angel investors.

There are pros and cons with using personal savings. The good things are; first, you have freedom as to how you’re going to spend the money. Second, using your savings will not incur you any debt, and removes the fear that if in case you fail, you will not have trouble paying debts later.

On the other hand, using your savings on starting your business, will make you lose other opportunities in the future, like a better house, car or retirement plans. Using your savings will also somehow make you want to stick to a job as plan B in case your startup fails, and this will somehow divide your time and commitment if you don’t plan things well.

Hence, when you decide to use your savings, you must be a fast learner, incurring more learning than costs as time goes by. All successful bootstrappers are fast learners. Laziness in learning shows a lack of interest. Only those who are interested enough make it big.


Ever wonder how Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak started Apple? They began in a garage with a little challenge- to deliver a pre-ordered product.

If you have an idea that can make you a fortune, go for it. Look for people who might be interested in getting it or purchasing it. You can start by selling it yourself. Start by knowing your target market very well. Bootstrappers usually start with exclusively selling their products.

Starting with Pre-orders is both wise and risky at the same time. If you don’t have enough finances to fund your invention, having pre-orders can add up to the initial funding you have accumulated, lessening the financial burden on your end. The catch is to make sure that you deliver what your customers already paid for.

But if what you have is an invention or a process you originally made, you can apply for a patent before selling. The danger is, someone might copy what you did without ever giving credit to you. You can seek legal advice from an Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer or a Patent Attorney.

Start With What You Have

If you have a garage, you can use, use it. If you have an opportunity otherwise to use a commercial space for free, then lucky you! But most of the startup bootstrappers started their businesses on old, unused garage spaces. As the saying goes, “more haste, less speed,” just take things little by little.

If you think your savings will not suffice your need for financial resources, you can sell stuff you don’t use anymore. You can have a garage sale of your pre- loved items- this will be fun and heartbreaking for you especially because you’re probably going to let go of some unused items that means so much. But like they usually say, “no pain, no gain.”

You can also start by harnessing your other skills, like baking if you know how to bake. You can sell baked goodies around the neighborhood or sell them online. Have them pre-order online and deliver them the next day.

The key to becoming successful in bootstrapping is not who’s had much, but who learned much and fast. Be creative and don’t give time for laziness. Keep trying and failing, for in failing, you’ll learn. Don’t give up, as long as you still have a clear picture of where you’re going, walk on.

Who knows? You might be the next bootstrapper who will line up with the millionaire business owners.

Author’s Bio

Vincent Spivey is a writer-researcher for business blogs and an entrepreneur himself. He is a self-starter who spends most of his time testing out new ideas. On a Sunday morning, you would find him on the coasts of Miami, paragliding and riding the clouds. He is currently working with lawyers from Livingston Loeffler Law Firm.





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