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KoziiThe methods typically used to warm breast milk often negate its nutrition. This is where the Kiinde Kozii comes in. The Kozii is a device that warms breast milk as quickly as steam, yet doesn’t destroy its precious nutrients.

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How to Introduce Your Invention at a Trade Show

 After countless months of research and development, are you finally ready to show your invention to the world? Why not schedule its grand debut for an upcoming trade show? Trade shows bring together thousands of wholesale distributors, retail buyers, and potential customers who may be interested in learning more about your invention and eventually doing business. But, to achieve the outcome you desire, you have to nail your first impression. Here are tips for introducing your invention at a trade show:

Train your team.

Everyone who is working your trade show booth with you should be adequately trained on your invention’s features, benefits, and price. There should be enough people working your booth to attend to every guest who walks by and asks a question or lingers around to look at your product. Team members should immediately engage with guests who stop by and introduce them to the invention before they brush you off and walk away. You may not have anyone else working for you—especially if this is your first invention—so just grab a few friends and ask if they can help you for the afternoon.

Host a live demo.

If your invention is unlike anything on the market, it’s best to do a product demo once for guests who stop by your booth. This is also important if your product is similar to something else on the market, but has key advantages over the competitors. Letting guests look at the product without explaining what it does or how it is different from competitors is not an effective way to get picked up by retailers or drum up interest in your brand.


If you’re worried your booth will go unnoticed next to big name brands at the trade show, spend time reaching out to the media and industry influencers prior to the event. Send along your personal contact information as well as a press kit and invite them to stop by your booth for a personal demonstration of the product. The press kit should include product shots, a press release announcing the launch of your invention, and advertising brochures. Hopefully, this will pique the influencers’ and media members’ interest prior to the event so they pencil a stop by your booth into their busy schedule.

Provide background information.

Because trade show attendees will be completely unfamiliar with your brand and new invention, try to get them to connect with you by providing them with background information. How did you come up with the idea for the invention? What unique problem does it solve? How is it made? Answer these questions for your audience by setting up iPads with informational videos in your booth or handing out pamphlets. The more guests learn about your brand, the more engaged they will be.

Finally introducing your invention to the world can be nerve wracking, especially if you choose to do it at a trade show surrounded by your peers and potential customers. But, keep these tips handy and your first trade show will go off without a hitch.



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Gate smart lockSmart tech is coming to everything. From lightbulbs and refrigerators
to cars and alarm clocks. You name it, and there’s probably a smart
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Finding the Right Distributor for Your Invention

Distributors can help you educate retailers on the features and benefits of your invention, introduce it to the masses, and create compelling visual displays. Sounds great, right? The trouble is finding the perfect distributor to help you make this a reality. How can you find the right distributor for your invention? Follow these tips:

Network at trade shows.

When you are just starting out on your journey to find the right distributor, it’s important to create a long list of potential distributors and then narrow it down from there. How can you collect names to add to this list? Attend a trade show! Trade shows draw in thousands of wholesale distributors, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your invention to them. Exchange business cards so you can follow up with each of the wholesale distributors later on.

If you happen to talk to retail buyers, ask if they have any recommendations for which distributor you should work with. This shows you value their opinion and are eager to form a relationship, and it also gives you valuable insight into which distributors are preferred by retailers.

Look at the fine print.

Obviously, you can’t hire a distributor you cannot afford, so it’s important to read the fine print to determine the costs of working with each distributor you are interested in. Make sure to read every word in the contract so you’re aware of any additional fees that may be charged for processing or storing products in the distributor’s warehouse. This step should help you eliminate a lot of distributors since you won’t be able to afford all of them when you are just starting out in business.

Ask for references.

Just as you would never hire an employee without first calling his references, you should never work with a distributor before talking to clients he has worked with in the past. If possible, ask to speak to clients who were launching their very first product so you can get a better idea of how each distributor will sell your invention to retailers. Ask the references about the distributor’s responsiveness, willingness to help, and timeliness. Because you are new to the business, you can’t afford to make a bad impression on retailers, so it’s important that the person who interacts with retailers on your behalf is professional at all times.

Trust your gut.

The more you narrow down your list, the harder the decision becomes. But, once you only have a few distributors left, it’s best to trust your gut. Call each of the distributors to talk about your invention and try to sense who is the most passionate about it. Ask why they love your invention and how they would present it to retailers. If you can sense phoniness in their pitch, the retailers will be able to, too. You want a distributor who is truly a fan of what you have created, otherwise how will he or she be able to sell it to others?

The right distributor can take your product from a little-known invention to a household name, so choose wisely!

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